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    零风险 零费用


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    Global Debt Collection
    Zero recover, Zero cost

    All dispute can be settled by debt collection before time-consuming lawsuit.

Download, fillin, sign and reverse us the Debt Collection Confirmation Letter, our action will start immediately.

Contact us:

EMAIL: info@clndebt.com
WECHAT/QQ: 22283437
SKYPE: china-attorney
449 North Chengzhong Road, Qingpu, Shanghai

CLN Law Group is composed of CLN Pre-Legal, CLN Law and CLN network.

CLN Pre-Legal Dapartment is the only licensed Chinese law firm concentrates on Commercial Risk Control, Pre-litigate claims & Debt Collection and Credit Management, and the only law firm who adopt “No success, No cost” business model in its client service. CLN Pre-Legal Department was founded on base of merge of Swiss IDC group and a famous debt collection company in Shanghai. IDC is a global pioneer and leader on debt collection and credit management, its clientle covers banking, insurance, manufacture, asset management and other multi-national corporation. We have more than 50 lawyers and collectors in Shanghai to provide efficient commercial risk control, business survey, debt collection and credit report service for our clent.

CLN Law Department has more than 60 experienced lawyers, is a well-known comprehensive law firm in Shanghai. Our practice area cover bank, insurance, corproate, real estate, trade, investment, intellectual property, especially good at litigation and arbitration on international trade related dispute settlment. Our lawyers are very familiar with the Chinese market and culture, have good relationship with Chinese govermant, we use English, French, Japanese as working luanguage to meet clients domestic and international demands.

CLN Network is registered in Hongkong as China Legal & Accounting Network. It is a SNS platform for consulting professionals to exchange business resource and mutually refer client to consistently bring new clients to each other. At current CLN has over 60000 members in the world, business cooperation in CLN is growing day by day.

We have incomparable advantage at pre-litigate claim and debt collection area:

Company qualification: debt collection is still a prohibited area in China, only lawyer can LEGALLY practice debt collection service. And using advantage of licensed lawyers we can do much more legal action than debt collection company, our success chance is also much higher.

Collection method: beyond IDC’s traditional collection resources and skills, as practicing lawyers Our collection effort covers attorney letter, phone call, knocking door, physical visit, negotiation, as well as legal investigation, seize property, freeze bank account, garnish wage, apply court order and criminal accusation, which a debt collection company can not conduct.

Global and local collector: base on CLN network, we established a debt collection panel with more than 500 debt collection firms in the world, which enable us to collect debt through local collectors in everywhere of China and worldwide, the debtor is hard to hide.

Credit management: we are credit report supplier for global credit management companys and business chambers. Should we prove the debtor is fraud in our practice, we issue fraud alert through credit management authorities to warning member companies in future business, it in return enhance our efficiency of commercial debt collection.

We are looking for business partners in following area:

Debt collection associate: We use local collector to recover the fund face by face. We stay live contact with our debt collection associates through CLN debt collection & credit management panel, please join us. (Download Cooperaton Contract-collection firm)

Litigate lawyer: To enhance cost-efficiency of our practice we outsource litigation work to local lawyers in the world. We stay live contact with our litigate lawyers through CLN Global Lawyers Alliance Panel, please join us.

JV partner: we are seeking to merge debt collection or credit management companies worldwide. (Download JV Business Plan)

Investment partner: we are looking for capital investors. (Download CLN Business Plan)

Business development agency: We are looking for business agent. (Download Cooperation Contract-associate).