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We are committed to oppose commercial fraud in cross-border business activities. We setup anti-fraud columns on alibaba and made-in-china to expose commercail scammers. We also keep close information exchange with police authority to bring the scammer to justice.

As Chinese legal experts, we are very familiar with all kinds of China-related commercail fraud. We provide training programme to foreign companies to tearch them how to refrain from such commercial fraud. Our criminal accusation and commercail risk control programmes are well praised and supported by froeign embassies and commerce chambers.

Knowing business partner’s credit status is essential and even fatal when starting business relationship, it helps business owner reduce profit loss, eliminate bad debt and potential liabilities.

Through CLN Company & Individual Investigation Panel, we have business associates of law firms, registering companies and credit management companies all over the world to search and investigate a company’s registration document, such as share structure, porperty and asset, financial status, credit records, litigation records and adiministrative panelty records etc.

No matter where the target company is, it usually costs RMB 3000 to search all officail archive and finish the credit report in both Chinese and English within 5 working days.

We are a member and a credit report provider of FCIB, CDIA and Info Alliance, the largest 3 credit management corporations in the world. Whose credit archives are the most improtant reference files when foreign companies seeking a business partner.

In addition to regularly provide credit report for Chinese companies to FCIB, CDIA and Info Alliance, We exchange credit report of Chinese enterprise through CLN network with thousands of CLN member companies. We also establish credit exchange mechanism with commercial chambers, business associations and credit management institutes,

In our pre-litigate claim and debt collection practice, if we prove the debtor is fraud or faithless, we issue scammer report of Chinese companies on a timely base through our credit management alliances, and spread those report to millions of member companies to alert them stay away when doing business with these dishonest debtor. The dishonorable debtor will definitely lose many business opportunities in the future.